The front cover of the bookCorporate Reputation: perspectives of measuring and managing a principal risk

A report commissioned by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) as a guide for members on reporting non financial risk. Stimulated by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) guidelines on principal risk reporting as part of the business narrative.

Interviews carried out with 15 senior industry figures examine how reputation risk is treated within their organisations. Co-authored with Dr Arlo Brady, this is a useful reference for those tasked with reporting reputation in a positive way for all stakeholders.

Publisher: CIMA publishing – ISBN: 978-1-85971-591-8 – Order now »

The front cover of the bookA Short Guide to Reputation Risk

One of the Gower series of short guides to risk aimed at senior management. This is for anyone wishing to measure, manage or report reputation as either a tangible asset or potential liability. As valuable to Finance Directors as Compliance Officers.

The book shows how management can take control of reputation risk in order to instil confidence in shareholders, regulators and other key stakeholders whose perceptions influence value.

Publisher: Gower publishing – ISBN: 978-0-566-08995-4 – Order now »

The front cover of the bookWhat is reputation worth? A 32 point guide to enhance value

An e-book and short primer for anyone wanting to appreciate reputation value. Split into four easy sections each with eight points, this deals with the definition of reputation, damage impact and what it can look like, the risk to value this damage presents, and finally how value can be protected.

This book was originally written for the insurance industry and addresses some of the barriers to insuring this risk, not least of which is the question of ownership and suitability for transfer.

Publisher: Gower e-series – ISBN: 978-1-4094-6901-8 – Order now »